Top 10 Best Rocket League Tips

Here are some beginners and advanced rocket league tips and tricks.

  1. Camera View: There are two types of camera views, the default and the ball cam. The default camera view shows your car and the ball cam shows you where the ball is at all times. Whichever one you use the most is up to your play style, however, I would advise you to use both. This is because the default is usually helpful for when you are dribbling with the ball and the ball cam is useful for when the ball is behind you, above you or at either side of your rocket league car.

  1. The Half Flip: The half flip can take some time to practice and get right. But it is a very useful trick to use in rocket league. A half flip enables you to turn your car 180 degrees, to then be able to face the ball forwards. Watch this video to find out how to master the half flip!

Rocket League Half Flip Tutorial

  1. Double Jump: Double jumping is extremely important in rocket league. It allows you to be able to do a lot more things, such as hit the ball much harder and move faster around the pitch. For example, if you have no boost and you need to retreat back to your goal as quickly as possible, double jumping back is a much quicker way to get back to stop your opponents from scoring.
  1. Aerials: Aerials are a crucial part of rocket league, especially when you start playing higher ranked people. However, if you are new to rocket league, then aerials are an extremely hard skill to master. It’s all about practice! Kronovi (one of the best players in the world) said that it took him about 1500 hours to fully master aerials. But don’t worry too much, that means scoring aerials at ridiculous angles!
  1. Boost: You can pick up many different boost pads around the map. The boost pads that give you full 100 boost are located in the corners and on the sides. There are also small boost pads that give you an extra 12 boost that are dotted all over the map. Each boost pad roughly respawns every 10 seconds, so it’s vital that you don’t waste your boost for no reason. Only waste your boost if necessary, e.g. going for an aerial, going up on the wall, shooting, getting back etc.
  1. Ball Chaser: I know it’s so tempting to chase the ball everywhere, but sometimes it’s best to wait and be patient. For example, when your opponent has the ball, it may be better to wait a few seconds before challenging as they might mess up their dribble or might not know exactly when you are going to challenge.
  1. Training: It’s not always best to learn and practice playing matches. I personally found the training drills very useful when I first started playing rocket league.
  1. Kick Offs: Kick offs are extremely hard to master. Even the pro’s sometimes get them wrong! There are many different ways to do a kick off, e.g. a fake kick off, a fast kick off etc. It’s sometimes a guessing game of what type of kick off your opponent is going to do. At a beginner level, most people just tend to run straight into the ball but when you start playing higher level players, that’s when you will see fake kick offs, fast kick offs, slow kick offs etc. Getting the first touch from a kick off isn’t always the best thing. If you hit the ball second, then the ball can go into your opponents half, allowing you to put pressure on them and possibly even score.
  1. Your Style of Play: It’s important to know your style of play. Whether you’re playing 1v1, 2v2 or even 3v3’s. If you aren’t sure what exactly your style of play is, then my advice is to try different ones out. For example, are you a counter attacking team/player, where you defend, let your opponents attack and then counter. Or are you a possession team/player, where you like to keep the ball at all costs. There are many different styles of play, but I would test a few out and see what works best. Sometimes you might want two play styles, so if you are losing in a match, you can change things up as some play styles don’t work against others as well.
  1. Chemistry: If you have a friend or friends that you play rocket league with, then knowing how your team plays, is very important. This just comes with playing a lot with each other.

Have you got any Rocket League Tips that you would like to share?

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