Top 10 Best Rocket League Cars

Rocket League is the car-based football game that is fast becoming one of the most popular soccer-themed video games on the market.

There is so much to love in this driving meets soccer high-octane thrill ride enabling players to take advantage of hyper-boosted vehicles to crash into balls and score wonder goals, compete in leagues and make incredible saves.

Key to the enjoyment of the game is choosing the right cars, so let’s take a look at some of the best options that will help you to make the most of the game and compete with the best. There is one major secret involved when it comes to making your vehicular choice and it is not the speed, handling or acceleration of the car – which is much the same across the board – rather it is the shape and size of the hit box.

In Rocket League, this is vital and different shaped hit boxes can mean a car is suited to different roles – so a variety can be great for your squad. What constitutes the best car for each role, be it goal scorer or provider, also depends on your own playing style – a bit like the logic behind saying Peter Crouch would not be suited to playing for Barcelona and Messi would be wasted at Stoke City! Anyway, let’s look at ten of the best in no significant order.

  1. Merc – the Merc is endowed with a large flat frontal hit box, allowing the vehicle to ‘push’ the ball forward much more easily. In addition, which is good news for newbies, the Merc has a slightly slower turning action which offers greater control and less manic action than smaller vehicles. It can also soak up bumps like few others.
  2. Octane – So popular all-round because it has a near perfect hitbox and a small, sharp turning radius. The car feels very light when airbourne and is excellent at delivering powerful shots and air dribbles.
  3. Masamune – fresh off the streets of Tokyo, the Masamune is sleek and fast and slices through the competition. Great choice if you can get past the slightly grating engine noises!
  4. Marauder – Similar to the popular Octane – albeit a bit longer and (maybe) just a tad better all round and has a fantastically well-matched hitbox – in fact its hitbox is one of the best. The dacals are gorgeous and the engine idle noise is perfect.
  5. Aftershock – like the Marauder it is similar to Dominus and handles beautifully. A jet-inspired dynamo that is hard to stop!
  6. Road hog XL with import body – Let’s face it – looks play a big part in choosing a car for Rocket League and few RL cars can match the pure bad-ass looks of this one. You can get it looking pretty similar to Optimus Prime of Transformers fame!
  7. Sweet Tooth – demon ice cream truck extraordinaire, Sweet Tooth enables you to overdose your opponents into a sugar coma! Hard to unlock, but worth the effort, Sweet Tooth is taller than most other cars and great at shoving the ball about and making saves.
  8. Takumi RX-T – another tall car option that is similar to the fabled Octane. Looks and feels great and has an excellently matched hitbox. It’s also blessed with aggressive, futuristic looks to kill!
  9. X-Devil – a great choice for goalkeeper / goaltender because of its ability to deliver backflips and makes stunning saves!
  10. Triton – named after the God of the seas, not the shower manufacturer (!) this beast is immensely fun to use – submersible, looks fantastic and handles beautifully.

Which Rocket League Car is your favourite?

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