Top 10 Richest Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are renowned for having big and expensive homes and we have created a video with some of the most amazing celebrity homes you will ever see!

Our top 10 richest celebrity homes is as follows:

At number 1 it is Aaron Spelling the American film and tv producer.

Number 2 is Bill Gates who is the owner of Microsoft.

Number 3 is Oprah Winfrey the very popular American show presenter.

Number 4 is Hugh Hefner the owner of playboy.

Number 5 is Billy Joel with his $35 million dollar home by the sea!

Number 6 is Jerry Seinfeld

Number 7 is Christie Brinkley with her $30 million dollar home, with swimming pool, in what looks like the middle of a forest! Christie, for those who don’t know, is a model and actress who was once married to Billy Joel.

Number 8 is Arnold Schwarzenegger

Number 9 is Will Smith with his $20 million dollar mansion comprising a tennis court and basketball pitch!

Number 10 is Ozzy Osbourne (and Sharon) with their fantastic $10 million dollar mansion.


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