Rare items in Rocket League

Rare items in Rocket League can be obtained in a numerous of different ways. What exactly can you class rare items as? Rare items can be anything that isn’t common and therefore fewer people will possess these items. Painted, certified, import and also exotic are some examples.


You can buy rocket league items on multiple websites for exceptionally cheap. An example of this is Pro MB Gaming.  Additionally, for most sites, delivery times for you to receive your gift is only a couple of minutes.

Playing Games

The more games you play, the higher chance of receiving uncommon items as there is a slight chance of winning items after matches. Even if you lose, it’s the same random percentage than if you win.


Trading with other players is another easy way. For example, if you have the reaper goal explosion but you want the party time, then you might trade with someone else who has the party time goal explosion. However, stay cautious of anyone trying to scam and even though you may think that a particular item is better than another, the value of the other item might be higher, meaning you may be able to get a better deal.


Opening Rocket League crates can give you the chance to get some very rare items. How do I get crates? Again, playing online games gives you a small possibility of obtaining a crate. In addition, trading and buying Rocket League crates is also another easy and fast option.

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